Event info & FAQ

Date: November 16, 2013 (25 Aban 1392)


Total Participants: 100 seats available

Admission Fee: 20,000 Tomans (Payable at the door)


TEDxYouth@Tehran operates under a license from TED


TEDxYouth@Tehran operates under license of Vira Institute, an entity registered in Tehran, Iran. Vira Institute is an organization dedicated to promoting creativity and innovation in Iran, through various platforms, such as events, conferences and seminars. Vira also serves as an “idea laboratory” for new initiatives and projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is it about?

TEDxYouth@Tehran is part of the TEDxYouth initiative by TED. On and around the time of Universal Children’s Day, several cities and communities host a TEDxYouth event. While each event is different in format, size and theme, they have a shared vision: inspiring creativity, igniting innovation, and empowering the youth. For more information on TEDxYouth, please visit www.ted.com/tedxyouth

  • Who can speak?

Anyone, who has an “idea worth spreading” related to TED topics can speak at a TEDxYouth event, including children, school and university students. We invite speakers to share their personal stories, innovative ideas, theories and perspectives on technology, entertainment, design and broader disciplines.  We do not invite speakers to promote their products, services, or religious and political views. This is a non-political, non-polemic platform. You don’t need to be a renowned businessman, academic, or celebrity. What matters is your central “idea”, your thoughts, your words and your deeds as a complete and whole human being.

  • How can I attend?

This is an open event, accessible to the public. To attend, you must register / apply for the event via our on-line form. We review each application, and if approved, you will be issued an invitation to attend.

  • How do I pay? Why do I have to pay?

You can pay at the door on the day of the event. We are a non-profit event, and will need to cover basic operational costs such as AV/Sound/Light, film production and post-production, printing and other costs. We set a low entrance fee to help cover these expenses, and it also signals your support and commitment to attend the event.

  • How do I register? Why do I have to register?

To register / apply for the event please complete our on-line form. The reason we review each registration is to make sure we create a diverse mix of attendees who are genuinely interested and passionate about TED and TEDx events.

  • How is this related to TED? Is this TED in Iran?

TEDxYouth@Tehran is a TEDx event licensed by TED, however, this is not to be confused with TED in Iran. TEDx events are independent and locally organized events by a group of community volunteers who are licensed by TED.  We follow the rules and guidelines provided by TED, this includes rules of engagement with speakers and sponsors. However, the organization, selection of speakers, themes and topics is done locally.

  • If it is open to public, why do people have to apply to attend?

We have limited seat capacity and want to ensure that people who attend are true TED-sters and TEDxYouth fans. We also want to make sure that the mix of audience is balanced across age, gender, backgrounds and disciplines. Part of the benefits of TEDxYouth@Tehran is to meet diverse and interesting people. Through the application process, we try to ensure that happens.

  • I registered online, what is next?

Fantastic! First we will review our application. Within one week, you will recieve a response. If approved, you will be issued a confirmation number and e-ticket, which you must bring to the event – either in print copy or soft copy on your mobile. The e-ticket is not transferrable to other people. If you do not show-up, we will not approve any of your future applications to attend. If you are declined, please we ask that you apply to attend next year.

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