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A commitment to Innovation and excellence in product and service quality, has been an essential cornerstone of BIG’s success. From producing the country’s first gas cooker in 1956 to manufacturing and exporting the latest line of water heaters to Europe, the Butane brand has been synonymous with reliability and trust. Our 10,000,000 home install base is a testament to this fact.

Currently, BIG manufactures a wide range of models of water heaters, comb-boilers and radiators to satisfy the varying needs of our customers. Continuous improvement in product performance, efficiency, reliability and safety during our 58 year history has secured BIG’s position as the first choice among Iranian consumers. In order to provide world-class customer service, BIG established its own private service network, rather than relying on traditional service means. From its humble beginnings, the BIG service network has grown such that today, we manage and operate the largest private service network in Iran, directly or indirectly employing over 4,000 people.

Today Butane Industrial Group is proud to be the:

First and largest manufacturer of wall-hung gas water heaters in Iran
First and largest manufacturer of comb-boilers in Iran
Second largest manufacturer of radiators in Iran
Largest manufacturer of wall-hung gas water heaters in the Middle East
Third largest manufacturer of wall-hung gas water heaters in the world

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D1 magazine is the first Iranian 3D magazine which includes a variety of topics in diverse fields such as: Interviews with actors, singers, athletes, films and games, technology, cooking, fiction, humor, TED, etc. They use the latest 3D image processing technology. Their magazine is presented with highest quality printing and best paper and a three-dimensional glasses and Beautiful packaging. The D1 magazine collaborates with Gitiara (First augmented reality app in Iran). One of the most important applications of Gitiara is in the publishing books and magazines; which makes it possible much information and material that is not published in books and magazines, in format a multimedia content to add to our pages. You can run the app and put your phone or tablet camera on pages to access to their added content, including videos, Sounds and photos.



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